imageI am a Traveler and Watercolour artist. My most recent love is painting en plain air, that allows me to catch the essence of the places I visited and extraordinary people I met. Currently based in the United Kingdom, I spend four years living in Thailand and traveling around Asia, have visited nineteen countries and many exotic cities.

The Wanderlust&Watercolour Painting project aims to share two passions of my life Art and Traveling. There is no favourite between them two, painting and discovering new places equally important and desired by me.

I invite you to have fan, share experience, get inspiration and mastery of technique.

As a not native english speaking person I take the challenge to write and teach using this versatile language with aim to reach the international community of people alike. Selfishly I look at this blog as a great opportunity to develop my writing skills, while on the other hand altruistically share with you my expertise and passion.

My mission:

-inspire people to START painting, rediscover and express confidently their artistic gifts while travelling around the world
-build an international community of suportive adventurous friends that passionate about traveling and watercolour

image-create a extensive collection of paintings with their unique story that inspired by traveling to the most culturally diverce and picturesque corners on the planet.