7 Tips for plein air watercolour painting in bad weather condition

Plein air in Cornwall, United Kingdom

7 Tips for plein air watercolour painting in bad weather condition

Leaving in the UK we often complain about the weather but when the day is sunny many artists would agree that the richness of the colors and the depth of the shadows is simply magnificent. There is something magical indeed about the atmospheric light in Cornish coast in particular. Combination of stunning scenes of sea, boats, historical buildings, long sandy beaches attracts to Cornwall many outdoor painters during the summer time.

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Another part of the story is that outdoor painting in the United Kingdom is not only blue sky and sunshine, weather can change in seconds from glorious to windy and even stormy.

Here they are my  6 tips  for plein air painting in bad weather condition:

1.Using board instead of easel.

Strong wind  tend to blow over the easel. I recomend hold a board on your lap instead.

2.Choose small-size paper and board.

Small size of board and paper  will allow to complete your work fast and to control it from being blown away by wind.

3.Limit your pallette.

Use limited amount of colours that you familiar with and know how they work in mixtures. I would use no more then 12 colours.

4.Get colours value right.

The colours and the light make the scene really unique and it is essential get it right.

5.Time limitation.

Set up your self timer to complete your work really fast. It will help you to train your self.

6.No small details please.

Think about your work as a spontaneous  response where only big values matter.

7. Use your camera for the reference.

Make sure you have photos of beloved scene to complete your work indoores if her magesty weather decides to correct your plans:)

imageWhat are your tips for plein air painting in bad weather condition?

Was the article helpful? I would love to read your comments:)

Happy outdoor painting  wherever you are!

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    WoW! Amazing! You watercolour pictures are medicines for my soul)) – says the cardiologist. Thanks a lot!

    • Wanderlust & Watercolour Painting says:

      Thank you Orysia,I believe that art is an alternative medicine with a powerful healing potential.

  2. I believe this site contains some real great information for everyone : D.

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